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Design Codes and Standards for Bridges

Design Codes and Standards for Bridges

The scope of this chapter is limited to Bridge (Major/Minor), Flyovers and ROBs only.

Design Standards
Design of all structures is in accordance with the provisions of the following IRC Codes:
IRC: 5-1998 - Section I- General Features of Design (Seventh Revision)
IRC: 6-2000 - Section II- Loads and Stresses (Fourth Revision)
IRC: 18-2000 - Design Criteria for Pre-stressed Concrete Road Bridges(Post Tensioned Concrete) (Third Revision)
IRC: 21-2000 - Section III- Cement Concrete (Plain and Reinforced) (Third Revision)
IRC: 22-1986 - Section IV- Composite construction for Road Bridges (First Revision)
IRC: 24-2001 - Section V- Steel Road Bridges (Second Revision)
IRC: 78-2000 - Section VII- Foundations and Substructure (Second Revision)
IRC: 83-(Part-II)-1987 - Section IX- Bearings, Part II: Elastomeric Bearings
IRC: 87-1984 - Guidelines for the Design and Erection of Falsework for Road Bridges
IRC: 89-1997 - Guidelines for Design and Construction of River Training and Control Works for Road Bridges (First Revision)
IRC:SP:64-2005 Guidelines for the Analysis and Design of Cast-in-Place Voided Slab Superstructure
IRC:SP:66-2005 Guidelines for Design of Continuous Bridges
IRC:SP:69-2005 Guidelines & Specifications for Expansion Joints
IRC:SP:70-2005 Guidelines for the Use of High Performance Concrete in Bridges
MORT & H Specifications for Road and Bridges Works, 2001 (Fourth Revision)
MORT & H Circular No. RW/NH-34059/1/96-S&R dated 30.11.2000 regarding expansion joints.
Whenever IRC codes are silent, relevant BIS codes shall be followed. In case where even BIS codes are silent, other suitable international codes of practices like BS: 5400, AASHTO and EURO codes shall be adopted.

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