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Design of Pile Cap

Design of Pile Cap

- The minimum thickness of pile cap shall be kept as 1.5 times the pile diameter.
- Top of the pile shall project 50mm into the pile cap.
- The top of pile cap shall be kept at least 300mm below the ground level in case of urban interchange structures or road over bridges. For bridges on rivers / streams / canals, the bottom of pile cap shall be kept at LWL.
- Pile cap will be designed either by truss analogy or by bending theory , depending upon the spacing and number of piles in a pile group. Truss analogy may be used for pile caps with a maximum of 5 piles in a pile group. Beyond 5 piles, bending theory shall be used.
- Pile cap will be provided with an offset of at least 150mm beyond the outer face of the outer piles.

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